Astigmatism is often something that people become concerned about – it’s really not a problem usually. It is simply the term that describes the asymmetrical curvature of a single cornea. So a cornea may have one curve in the horizontal direction (creating one prescription strength) and a totally different curve in the vertical direction (creating a second prescription strength in the same eye). So, there are two focal points.

We correct astigmatism with toric (or cylindrical) lenses. These lenses mathematically account for the specific differences between each curve of the cornea. The result can often times make clients feel a little “off” when they first wear a new Rx as the brain is very sensitive to changes in astigmatism. We advise our clients to try the new lenses for a week or so to adjust to the changes – but please know we are always here to help trouble shoot any persistent problems. All lens changes are at no cost to you during the adjustment phase. You happy = Us happy